Wolfie's Call of the Wild Huskies
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 Von Martin and the 2009 Serum Run Expedition 
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"Sol-leks Temporary Home"
Sol-leks surveys the dog yard from the home of Ken & Jo Walsh in Big Lake, Alaska where he will be cared for during Von's run to Nome. Sol-leks will undergo corrective knee surgery to return him to an active lifestyle but sadly may never be able to run in harness again.
"Teek to the Rescue"
By special arrangement with Alaska Airlines, Teek was rushed by air cargo to susbstitute for Sol-leks. Seen here ready for his first Alaskan run the morning after his arrival, his team mate Pike howls in approval.
February 18, 2009
"Running on Big Lake"
Teek seen in middle at left, is joined by team mates Chewy, Tigger, Blackjack, Pike, and Patrick for a 16 mile run on Big Lake.
February 18, 2009
"Give Teek A Hug"
Teek rests comfortably after his first run in Alaska. In a letter recieved following his air cargo shipment from Washington state, Alaska Airlines representitives add, "Give Teek a hug".
February 18, 2009