Wolfie's Call of the Wild Huskies
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 Von Martin and the 2011 Serum Run Expedition 
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"Leaving Home"
Von holds Wolfie's tin of remains as he talks to team dog, Tigger, minutes before departing home for the long 6 day drive to Alaska.
"Reloading Trailer at 22 Below Zero"
Reloading nearly 2,000 lbs of expedition supplies in Ft St John to redistribute load on truck and trailer as temperatures hovered at 22 degrees below zero
"The Canadian Rockies"
Chewy, Tigger, and some of Von's huskies on a break off the truck during a twisting drive over the Canadian Rockies as the temperature dropped to 15 degrees below zero.
Alternate team dog, Teek, holds one paw off the frozen ground in Destruction Bay where the temperature plunged to 27 degrees below zero on Day 5 of the drive to Alaska.
"Frosty Tigger"
Little Tigger peers out of her dogbox on the truck during the last day's drive to Alaska as temperatures dropped to 30 below zero.
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"Mid Day Sun"
The sun is barely makes an appearance above the rugged Canadian Rockies at mid day
Teek was unfazed by cold temperatures while training on Big Lake following his return to Alaska as alternate dog for the 2011 Serum Run '25 Expedition
"Exploring New Trails"
Von's 4 dog team follows local musher, Jo Walch, as he becomes reacquainted with regional trails before running a larger team
"First Light"
The morning sun cast its first rays of light well after 10:00 am over the dog yard in Big Lake Alaska. Pike & Teek are visible in foreground.