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"Above the Clouds"
Cresting the summit at Stampede Pass
in the Washington Cascades
Von Martin holds 3 month old Fuzzie 
in front of his log cabin home
"Lead Dog & Master"
Von Martin offers a caress to one of his lead dogs prior to the start of the 2011 Serum Run '25 Expedition
"The Avalanche Zone"
Von's dog team passes through an avalanche zone high in the Washington Cascades
"At the Top of the World"
The view from Von's dogsled high above the clouds looking down upon Lake Kechless and Snoqualmie Pass
"Pretty Girl"
Fuzzie, age 2, waits at the dog truck during training runs near Crystal Springs in the Washington Cascades
"Aglow on the Trail"
Chewy (L) and Bacon (R) lead Von's team on a wintery training run in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest
Von recieves a kiss from "Shadow" one of the
starring huskies from the Walt Disney film EIGHT BELOW
"Puppy Love"
Sol-leks enjoys a snuggle on the couch
with a favorite "stuff toy" buddy
"Circle the Wagons"
Some of Von's dogs gathered around the truck during the Chemult Sled Dog Race (L to R) Fuzzie, Teek, Grits, Rosie, Tigger
"2009 Serum Run Expedition"
Von's 2009 Serum Run '25
Dog Team Expedition Photo Albums
"2011 Serum Run Expedition"
Von's 2011 Serum Run '25
Expedition Photo & Video Album

Wolfies Call of the Wild Huskies