Wolfie's Call of the Wild Huskies
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 Von Martin and the 2009 Serum Run Expedition 
"The Call of the Wild"
Cherry, a two time veteran of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, leads Von's pack of Serum Run huskies in a song of celebration for the trail. 
"Bootied and Harnessed"
Pike, one of Von's very special county rescued Siberian Huskies, patiently awaits his first ever wilderness run in Alaska. 
"Training on Frozen Willow Lake"
Chewbacca (L) and Grits (R) lead one of Von's 6 dog teams on a run across Willow Lake. Joining Von are fellow Serum Run mushers Margaret Black and Don Duncan. After many days of confinement during the long drive to Alaska, the 12 dog teams were divided into teams of 6 dogs each to help maintain lower speeds while they regained their agility during Alaskan training.
"Lead Dog"
Grits, an extraordinary lead dog, waits at attention for Von to place him at the head of the team for his first ever run in Alaska. 
"Heading For Shore"
Von's second 6 dog squad, led by Bacon and Tigger, strike out across a frozen lake for shoreline on the return leg of an Alaskan training run.
Febuary 11,2009
"A Sad Day for Sol-leks"
In an heartbreaking decision, Von is forced to withdraw Sol-leks from the run to Nome due to a knee injury sustained in late January. Further examination by veterinarians revealed a torn cruciate ligament. While always making the best decisions for his dogs, Von tearfully tells Sol-leks "I'm gonna miss you terribly".