Wolfie's Call of the Wild Huskies
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 2009 Serum Run '25 Expedition Photo Album
"Camp Von - Vaughan"
Arctic Oven tent and camp setup for the
Serum Run shakedown in Elk River, Idaho
"Elk River Trail"
Von's team led by Bacon & Grits pause along the Elk River trail during training for the Serum Run Expedition
Team dogs Boomer (L) and brother Patrick Henry (R)
on the Elk River trail during the Serum Run shakedown
"Breakfast on Ice"
Von's breakfast of pre-packaged scrambled eggs, potatos, and assorted vegetables heated in the dog cooker and served in a dog bowl
"Happy Dogs"
Veteran Serum Run musher Don Duncan's team of capable Sammy's march steadily up the steep mountain trail 
"Trail Break"
Von's sled dog team pauses for a snack break during a 34 mile training run behind the teams of Margaret Black and Don Duncan
"Dressed for Alaska"
Von dressed for his Serum Run "Shakedown" training runs and campout
Elk River, Idaho
"Dog Lot"
Dog trucks, huskies, and dog sleds gathered at Elk River, Idaho for the 2009 Serum Run Expedition shakedown training runs and campout
Photos of Von's Drive to Alaska
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